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LiveBinders & the Flipped Classroom

As a teacher, I am always striving to find new and innovative ways to improve my students learning. The newest innovation is the Flipped Classroom. With this type of learning environment teachers video/record or provide resources for their lessons, the students use the resources on their own time and then come to class to do “homework” and to work with the teacher and other students on what they have learned or did not understand. By teaching in this way students are allowed to learn at their own pace and to receive the help needed.
 One way to flip the classroom that I use is to incorporate LiveBinders into my classroom (see earlier blog post for information about Livebinders). I started teaching stop motion/claymation to my students 2 to 3 years ago in the traditional manner. The projects I received from my students were decent. Last year, I decided to try something new. I created a binder in LiveBinders that included resources for every aspect of the claymation process along with …