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Google Forms & Grading

Sometimes as teachers we can feel as if we are walking through a dry desert and the new ideas just won't flow. However, I just returned from the TCEA Conference (Texas Computer Education Association) held in Austin which was like an Oasis. I was introduced to many new things this year and I was inspired to get my blog updated again.

We are hearing often in the education field about formative assessment. Often, we get to the end of a unit, we give our unit test, kids aren't successful, and we move on because there is so much to cover before the end of the year. By assessing our students often, we can better gauge if students are learning and if they aren't, we can adjust our teaching. But assessment takes time. As the teacher, you may have to grade up to 175 papers and that doesn't count the time it takes to then break down the results to see what the students know and what they don't know.

I have discovered there are resources out there for teachers that can help w…