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LiveBinders - Pretty Cool

I have been utilizing my new favorite resource in class - This is an excellent free resource for teachers and trainers. LiveBinders is a website where users gather information into a virtual notebook. The notebook has tabs where internet resources (websites, videos, and blogs) can be added by the user. There is a plethora of notebooks already created that can be used in the classroom. Users can also create their own notebook pages with information they would like to share. Students have been using my LiveBinder to learn how to create Claymation projects. 

My favorite aspect of LiveBinders is that I can add all the websites and YouTube videos for my students to my pages. Students have everything they need access to without going to the internet and searching, typing URL’s incorrectly, or getting sidetracked by other things on the internet. LiveBinders also plays the YouTube videos inside the LiveBinder window. By playing the video inside LiveBinders, stude…