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NASA Challenges Students to Design 3-D Space Containers

I discovered yesterday, that NASA is having a container design contest for students age 5 to 19. I have introduced the contest to my students and shared the information with a few others. I am including a link here for anyone who would like more information.

NASA Challenges Students to Design 3-D Space Containers

In my class, students will be using SketchUp Pro to create their 3-D drawings. We have just started using this software at my school and the students really seem to enjoy it. I will be working with the math and science teachers in the Fall of 2015 to implement 3-D drawings in their classes. I can't wait to see what we can create!

As a public school, the company provided us the software free of charge. There was some paperwork to fill out but it was a simple process.

So far, the students have created houses, golf courses, tanks, and boats.

For more information about SketchUp Pro, simply click here.