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Online Discussion Boards in Math

I like to talk ideas out; it helps me gain a better understanding of what it is I know and what it is I don’t know. Also, when others express their ideas, I am able to learn  and approach an idea from another point of view. When students discuss their ideas and explain their reasoning, they gain insights into their own thinking. Also, by hearing a peers explanation of a topic can increase understanding. I may not fully understand the way a teacher explains a concept with academic language but a peers language may make complete sense to me.

Class time is a very limited commodity. One way to include class discussions in your math class is with digital discussion boards. The use of digital discussion boards has many benefits. First, it gives every student in the classroom a voice. Second, student misconceptions can be identified and addressed more quickly as well as allowing students the opportunity to evaluate others’ mathematical thinking. Third, all students are held accountable for t…