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Talking About Content: Flipgrid

Getting our students to use content vocabulary and talk about what they have been learning not only improves their verbal skills but it also creates engagement and increases retention of knowledge. It is difficult in 45 minutes for all of our students to have the opportunity to express themselves. Once again, technology is coming to the rescue.
One of the resources I have been introduced to is Flipgrid.
This is an easy to use tool, so easy to use, you could launch it tomorrow in your classroom.
A few suggestions for how to use follow:
  • English
    • Students complete the required reading for their chapter and then answer questions.
      • What do you think will happen next?
      • What would happen if...?
      • Why is ________ important to the story? How would the story change if the character was removed?
      • What do you think a good solution to the problem in the story would be?
  • Math
    • How did you solve problem #...?
    • What would happen if you changed ____ to ____?
    • Tell me how you.... or Explain how to solve....
  • History
    • Read the article ________. Recap in your own words what you read.
    • What do you think about current event? How should the US respond?
    • What can you do in your community to have an impact on _______?
  • Science
    • What was your favorite part of the lab experiment? What did you learn about ______?
    • Share your opinion of global warming. Cite one scholarly article and share evidence to back your opinion.
  • Coaches
    • Share your thoughts on how you felt you preformed in the game and how you feel the team worked together.
  • Staff Development
    • What lesson are you most proud of this year? Why? What were your successes and failures?
    • How have you integrated technology into your classroom this year?
So, go ahead and try it out. Click on the link and leave a message using Flipgrid. See what all the hubbub is about. See you soon!

Integrating Technology One Byte at a Time!
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